A Year of Completion

Ten years ago I knew, with every bone in my body, that 2018 was going to be a significant year.  At the time, I assumed that feeling was about worldly affairs; I didn't envisage major changes within myself as well. 

2018 has turned out to be the culmination of a long healing process - both personal and ancestral - 15 years to be precise.  This recent realisation has helped contextualise this period and has brought much understanding.

Coincidentally, this year was also my 2nd Saturn return in the house of work, so the time was ripe for me to scrap my previous website and build a new one.  I decided this was a good opportunity to reword how I work - a process that has been going on all year.  Honing how and what I present in my world of work has meant becoming clearer about who I am and clearer about the shape of my work until it's aligned with where I am now.  

Throughout the year, I was repeatedly prompted by my team of spirit helpers to focus on the Soul Contract work.  After partaking in a couple of webinars in summer and autumn, I had a powerful 'knowing' that I had to do the training with Nicolas David Ngan of The Centre for Conscious Ascension.  I trusted this knowing and did two courses under his excellent tuition.  I could not have for-seen the change this would trigger in me, both physically and energetically; indeed, had I known, perhaps I would have resisted even more!  

The deep dive into the course material brought up huge amounts of internal resistance that caused real physical pain - at times it felt like there were two people living in my body slugging it out, but I used my tools to push on through this uncomfortable transition.  Faith in my guides, a deep resonance with my barometer of Truth, and the support of the group kept me moving through the discomfort. 

My 15 year healing cycle commenced with a name change, although at the time I didn't really understand its significance.  Now that I'm through that phase, my recent training had me realise that it's time to optimise my name again in order to accommodate a different set of energies that will draw more ease and focus to my future direction. Both of these occasions were initiated through a strong knowing that my existing resonance was not working for me.

Although I've only introduced this name adjustment in the last 2 weeks to test out the energies, there have already been certain (dramatic) events that have cracked open a protective shield to expose the real essence of who I am - a real WOW moment!

Now we are close to the end of this speedy year, my heart is smiling and I feel a contented glow at how far I've come.  My body continues it's spontaneous detoxing as my tissues relax into this new me, and there is a general feeling of joy bubbling up.  My favourite word - 'WOW' - still stands. I am constantly amazed by the shifts that are possible when I believe in the power of change and growth and would urge you all to have the courage to push through your darkest nights. 

We all enter this life with karmic lessons to work through, and only when we knuckle down and do the work does life reveal it's greatest blessings.

Image by 'darkmoon1968' on Pixabay 

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  • It’s been quite a year! Good to hear your story and so fascinating that you are noticing a change having adjusted your name.

    Linda Lang

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