All Change

 There’s nothing so scary as the deep end when you’re in it and wearing a blind-fold. And that’s what Change can feel like! You spend chunks of your life seeing the point of what you’re doing and where you’re going then something happens – internally or externally – to change your viewpoint and wham! - your familiar point of focus is gone to be replaced by a ball of great discomfort that’s wedged in your gut. So what to do?

 You look in ever widening circles outside of yourself for someone/something to grab onto for support but you may not know what you’re going through so it’s hard to know who fits your requirements. You might try to suppress the discomfort with distractions but that doesn’t work either.

 This is what it can be like when Change ‘suddenly’ shows up in your life – when some crisis or other has lobbed an unforeseen spanner into your works. The pressure that builds as a result of this change is often fuelled by expectations and existing beliefs and can become explosive unless released or neutralized.

 Sometimes Change has to come in a dramatic form otherwise we’d continue to avoid it and our soul would not get the chance to express and achieve its’ goals. You might have been hoping for change for a long time, but in a dreamy fashion.

You are hoping something is going to happen tomorrow – some doors of paradise will open tomorrow. They never open today, and when tomorrow comes, it will not come as tomorrow, it will come as today, but by that time your mind has moved again. You go on moving ahead of yourself; this is what dreaming means”   – Osho, The Path of Yoga

Change is challenging but it can also be exciting and stimulating if you stay open. Staying open means increasing your awareness in every moment – tuning up the definition on your life instead of running on autopilot, and taking one small step at a time with eyes wide open – trusting that the place to put your foot down will show up at ‘the right time’.

 Of course, having someone to hold your hand along this path of change can see you through with less fear and emotional turbulence, and that’s something I’m able to help you with. Soul Plan readings help by way of looking at what you’ve already worked through, getting clear on where you’re at now, then taking at look at where you’re heading next - the context being your purpose in this lifetime. Coaching uses some other tools but brings clarity and focus to your new direction once identified. Leaving behind outmoded patterns and beliefs is liberating so get in touch and have a conversation about your needs – I’m here to support you all the way.

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