Are you looking the wrong way down your telescope?

The way to achieve transformation is to rise above what you already know. When you see things in a new light, the world opens up; it is your perception that holds the key.   When we shift our vision and see life objectively, as if from above, everything is already transformed.

 Every day our experiences begin with a flood of raw data filling our senses, from the warmth of the morning sun to the aroma of that first coffee.   What do we do with this raw data, which amounts to billions of pieces of light, sound, smell, texture and taste?   We take it and create something personal known as a perception.

 Two people can look at the same chair; one sees a tatty old armchair that’s seen better days; the other sees a beloved grandparent for whom this was a favorite chair. The chair doesn’t change, but these two people have turned it into two different and personal perceptions.

 When your perceptions shift, your personal story shifts; you have always had this power. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but so is love, self-esteem, truth, happiness and optimism; until you perceive them, they don’t exist.

 At certain times you’ll be emotionally triggered, forcing you to question your perception; you then choose whether to see things with a light or heavy perception. This extends to the outer world too - your house, relationship or job will inevitably fit your perception of them.

 What this means is that every perception is about you. Most people have their telescope the wrong way around and are waiting for better scenery to show up, populated by better people and nicer possessions. If you turn the telescope around, you’ll realize that things become better because of you, not because of external things.

 At any given moment, you choose which label to apply to an experience, and by so doing, you choose whether to make that energy light or heavy. If you are looking at something or someone and cannot find a positive label, then offer them a silent blessing and direct your perception elsewhere. And remember, the way you think ultimately affects every cell of your body. 

 When you look in the mirror, see yourself as the creator of your personal reality, for no other role is more powerful or exciting.

I would like to acknowledge Deepak Chopra for the source of these inspirational words.


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