Basic Principles of Acupressure

Every two hours, the energy flow in the meridians of the body changes direction, to either ascend or descend; all goes well unless there is a blockage or imbalance to impede that flow.  

We have all undoubtedly encountered energy blockages that manifest as random pains - usually a short burst - for we cannot normally feel the energy that courses through the meridians.  As these pains don't linger for long, we pay them little heed, but they are actually signals alerting us to a blockage.

 Now, what people don't realise is that when they come for a massage, I'm hitting many of these acupressure points and, when a blockage is noted, freeing it up.  But I'm writing this now to encourage you to become more aware of when these blockages occur and spontaneously rubbing them yourself.  This awareness and action will help you to keep in touch with the energy flow of your body, allowing it to flow unhindered.

What creates blocks in the first place?  Several things.  It can be your environment - being too cold for instance.  Or the blockage can be emotional, the result of a sudden shock or grief that interrupts a meridian because of the vibrational changes the emotion has upon a particular organ.  

The thing to remember is that the whole body is eventually affected because each 24-hour period has energy flowing through each meridian, and all follow on from each other, so a break in that flow will affect all others eventually as it becomes stagnant in one particular area.  

So you see, the principle is quite straightforward - wherever there is even the slightest discomfort, read that as a limitation in flow so you can massage the point or area of the pain yourself and assist the flow in that particular meridian.  Sometimes, when you release one point, you will feel the energy run up (or down) through the meridian like a shot of electricity, until it hits another block somewhere else. 

If you're not sure what I mean, try rubbing the top of your feet, between the bones, especially between the big toe and the 2nd.  Use a firm pressure and push between the bones with the boney ends or sides of your fingers.  Did you feel something?  No matter if you didn't - keep experimenting.  Another place that's rich in pressure points is the inner side of the calf muscles, in the ridge between the bone and the muscle; feel your way, using a firm pressure, from the ankle up to the knee.  What did you experience?  Try it on another day and compare what you feel then.

Getting into the habit of responding to every little signal your body sends you is great way to turn up the volume on the dialogue of your body.  Enjoy your learning experience and let me know how you get on.  And remember to share this blog with others - it may actually help them! 

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