Break free from the Undertow

Do you feel dragged down by social media / internet noise / consensus beliefs?  Is it time to surface and breath in fresh, heart-centred air that gets you back in touch with who you truly are?  

Big changes are already coming in, with more on the way; our world is changing; we are changing.  Do you feel its time to stop taking your lead from the external profusion of distractions that flood our lives? 

You may feel wary of breaking away - it can feel lonely to have your own belief systems that are different from those around you.  But in time its possible to develop a strength of thinking and feeling thats aligned to your own instinct and spirit.  You will know your truth when you experience it.  Once you have re-membered your truth, replay that process, again and again and rebuild your inner strength and fortitude.   

If you want to break free from the undertow, learn to be discerning about who and what you choose to take on board, and get back to the surface to breath in pure air once again.

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