Emotional architecture

Emotional energy works at a higher speed than thought.  This is because the feeling world operates at a higher rate than the mind.  We evaluate everything as we perceive it; we think about it afterwards ...

If emotional energy works faster than the mind, how can we expect to manage our emotions with our thoughts?  It takes more than the mind to manage emotions - the heart's coherent energy is required as well.

Heart coherence helps balance our emotional state - it aligns head and heart to facilitate higher brain function, which appears to create a direct link to intuition.  Intuition bypasses mental analysis and gives us direct perception, independent of any reasoning process.  Intuition gives us clarity on how to direct and manage our feelings before we invest emotional energy in them.

One of the main purposes of emotion in the human system is to provide a means of expression for core heart feelings.  But since "heart intelligence isn't developed in most people, the mind more often hijacks our emotional energy and uses it to express its perceptions and reactions" - from The HeartMath Solution by Doc Childre and Howard Martin.

Emotions are not something we need to deny or suppress.  They are ever-present in our lives and can affect our health when left unchecked.  However, as someone who likes to delve deeply into every experience that gets my attention, I realise that there is a fine line between following where an emotion takes one and over-indulging in its melodrama to the extent where rationale is hard to return to.

Approximately half the population live their lives through an emotional filter whilst the rest may struggle to understand their own reflected emotional states.  Neither is wrong, yet many struggle to comprehend each others' differences in the emotional field.

Emotions add colour, texture and joy to our very existence, and life would be bland without them.  We need emotions just as we need an ego.  A useful tool to help balance inconsistent emotions is the range of Bach Flower Remedies - give them a try and keep in a few that you know work for you.

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