Get comfy with yourself

The grass is not greener,
The sky never more blue,
Than the place you call home,
Inside of you.


Getting comfy within ourselves means adopting a long term intention to nurture your own needs and make sure they are met.  I don't mean the materialistic needs, although they too have their place.  I mean the very basic earthy needs that nourish the very core of you.  Like good food, but not too much.  Like enough exercise without killing yourself.  Like feeding your spirit by including happy-making activities, so your heart-spring continues to bubble up with joy that you are then able to spread around to others.  And laughter, don't forget to include some of that.

It seems that the pressures of this world would have us believe that if something has value, it must be difficult or stressful.  Not so; that is a fallacy.  It is my belief that more people are now waking to the fact that we can choose the life we live and more importantly, the attitude we live it by - at last!  

Getting comfy within yourself means you have learned and understood what creates your own internal balance, and you do whatever you need to maintain that.  Knowing that balance changes over time and that further adjustments are needed is all part of keeping things interesting and fresh - the opportunity to explore other angles and options. 

But what being comfortable is really about is balance, and that means having balanced emotions.  The better we are at balancing our emotions, the stronger we feel, and therefore better able to meet the world head-on.  Do you see the importance of caring for yourself?  Do you see why some would call that being selfish?  Are they the very people who would like to disempower you?

Caring for oneself quietly and gently is good.  It's a broad term for the general nourishment that we as humans actually need, so go right ahead and indulge ... in moderation of course, and wearing a little Mona Lisa smile!  

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