Life acquires meaning when

..we face the conflict between our desires and reality,  says the Tao.  To me, this phrase is often displayed in the bodies of the clients I see as painful symptoms of long-term tension and the effect of much inward struggle.

I recently worked with a group of fairly enlightened people and was struck by the inconsistency of what some people subscribe to outwardly yet have not assimilated into their inner reality.  Instead, they seem happy (?) to put up with long term pain, gut problems, food intolerances - the list is endless - because they cannot bring themselves to trust enough to let go of the hidden fears that cause the physical problem.  It is so easy to put the blame onto a condition that is accepted as a given, whilst all the time pushing aside the wisdom that all we ever need to know is right inside each of us.  The real truth is that we create everything that occurs to us, and therefore have the power to choose not to have something in our lives.  

During a massage treatment, clients are frequently surprised by how much emotion is stored in their body.  The client feels this emotion initially as a pain but then as I connect to the source of that pain, their subconscious is able to choose to release it, usually because the control mechanisms and perception of pain by the brain are bypassed.  These kind of emotional releases go a long way to helping clients understand that they cannot be in control all the time and that daring to feel ultimately plays a much bigger part in their well being then they previously thought.  

A regular amount of time spent alone and free from distractions is a simple way to give to yourself and listen to what your inner voice and body are ready to tell you.  Make that time a regular part of your life and open up to becoming more.

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