Moving from perception towards action

Continuing on from the last blog about perception, let's look at the transition that's possible once your telescope is the right way around.

When we first realise that we are in a time or place of change that requires more thought on a consistent basis, the very thing to employ as our best aid is Observation.   Observing oneself - not just how we use speech, but how we interact with others and even what we think, brings us into the present moment.  This might seem a bit onerous at first yet the more we do this, the more we are able to recognise the very small things that we might need to change within ourselves in the instant they occur.  These small changes lead to bigger, permanent ones.

Most people learn quickly when they have an intention to change something, or let go of a behaviour that no longer fits them, because they have a vested interest in feeling good.  Perhaps the most difficult aspect to change though is how we think; for instance, catching the judgemental thoughts we may have when we see someone who's appearance or behaviour doesn't fit with our own ideas on what should/shouldn't be. 

By bringing our concern firmly back to what is happening within ourself, we are able to initiate changes that fit with our growth so that we are to feel good about ourselves again.

You can turbo-charge your process with a Soul Contract reading or Spiritual Coaching - you know where to find me if this is for you. 

Following the observation stage, there'll be some self-correction as outgrown beliefs and behaviours are cleared and we quickly arrive at a space in what was once a forest of confusion.  This is the place where we look back and see with clarity what we're moving away from. 

The natural flow that is generated from the act of clearing is to start thinking about what we want to happen next, to draw in new inspiration, stimulate the imagination and make good decisions.  As the wheels of action engage, forward motion resumes and a new phase of life begins.

These phases come and go in life but it usually takes a few of them to realise that they do not represent the crises that our fears would have us believe they are at the time.   Step aside from the dramas that such times may attract and turn inwards to find your answers; they are always waiting.  The more we realise that we have an in-built, repeatable process, the more self-reliant and responsible we become as participants in the dance of life.



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