One Aspect of Healing

I'm a firm believer in systems, both having them and making them.  A system has the potential to bring several parts or concepts together to form a repeatable process with a desired outcome.  To some extent, healing lends itself to a system, as I shall explain.

Energy flows through the body via 12 meridians.  When all is going well, energy flows in an ascending or descending pattern, according to the hour of the day.  When uninterrupted, this natural flow cleverly switches direction every 2 hours and the body stays in balance.

So what things cause an energy imbalance? 

  • Shock 
  • persistent stress
  • mentally pushing too hard in one direction (i.e. work) way beyond what feels right for the body.

First:  Recognise there's a problem. 

Of course, how quickly you are willing to notice and accept there's a problem will often dictate the speed and ease of resolution.

  1. Seek help from a conduit (such as myself) who can open the channels between your body and Higher Self so that healing can occur.  
  2. You connect to the emotion that's creating the imbalance.  By doing so, the answer (or process of evolution) will naturally emerge from your subconscious.  This may however take much longer. 

Secondly:  Trust

Whether you seek help or decide to tackle the issue yourself, it will be the element of trust that dictates the outcome.  You see, your body contains the wisdom to heal itself when it's allowed to.

The trouble is that as a race, we have become rather used to allowing MIND to be in control, overriding the subtle messages that the body gives out as early warning signals.  We tend only to pay attention when the body has become so desperate to be heard that it literally shouts in pain!  

Sometimes, we may fail to trust because we are not sure of the process; or our thinking can be clouded by emotions and distorted beliefs.  Yet when we trust and apply focussed energy (or intention) there is very often a return to flow, because as the saying goes 'energy flows where intention goes'. 

When the MIND blocks the way, it's almost impossible to let go and trust, and disease becomes the result of ignoring a problem for too long.  Without trust, there is no feeling and can be no healing.

Breath work, body work, meditation and exercise all assist in getting us 'out of the head' and into the comfort and wisdom of the body; the only added ingredient required is a little desire and self-discipline.

This is just one aspect of healing; there are many more that respond well to an inventive outlook.  Get in touch here if you think I can help you.


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