Tune in, turn up!

Over the last 12 months, many of us have noticed a physical re-calibration going on, but what exactly does this mean? How have these changes become manifest and how do we accommodate them in our daily lives?

Over the last 6 months there's been a lot of physical heaviness in evidence; our senses had been upgraded but not the physical form - that has been arriving slowly since then.  Several people have noticed an increase in certain cravings - usually sugar-related - over the last few months; perhaps hunger detected subconsciously, then being interpreted by the mind with old patterns that said "low energy = a need for sugar".  It could also be a need for comfort as what we have been sensing has been very discombobulating, like entering new territory - which indeed it is. 

So what has been happening to those who've tried to carry on with the same eating/self-care habits as before, not knowing what to do?  Well, since January there have been a lot of sluggish lymphatic systems around, which has had a knock-on effect on the immune system.  There has been an increased/extended period of lethargy that, even with the arrival of sunny weather, has seemed difficult to shake off.  

Emotionally, there have been phases of great sadness, crying, grieving - yet the reason may not have been apparent and may have lasted for days.  There has been a lot of uncertainty, nothing feels the same anymore and there's been no clear indication of what to change/how to move forward.  Then more latterly, many have noticed a low level anxiety that can create a need to respond - but to what exactly?  The unknown can indeed be unsettling.

So what strategies can be adopted to get through these changing times a little more smoothly?  

  • Fine tune the diet: more 'wet' foods (fruits & veg) help the body be more receptive to the finer frequencies
  • Avoid all refined foods - they will muffle your senses.
  • Replace dense grain starch (sleep-inducing) with vegetable starch like sweet potato.
  • Have some form of protein with every meal; doesn't have to be a lot.
  • Avoid snacking - your body is going through changes and digestion is weaker.
  • Wait until your last meal has been digested before adding more fuel to your body - adding to the load decreases clear sensing, so care too about how much you eat in one sitting.
  • Go to bed early - your circadian rhythms can be changing and you need to be able to sense how to adjust.
  • Sleep/nap whenever you can - don't feel guilty.
  • Maca helps improve energy and balance (adaptogenic).
  • Ashwaganda root may help negate anxiety and therefore cravings.

Consider your body's load at all times and work towards supporting it.  Think of the radio analogy - regularly re-tune your habits until you are receiving stronger and clearer signals about the new needs of your body. 

Finally, keep your emotional field clear; learn to be more resilient, avoid being drawn into drama and only hang out with people you feel good around.  One more thing - make a habit of checking in with yourself at least once a day so you can stay tuned.  Until the next time, go easy.



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  • This is a very interesting article that Angela wrote and I have to thank her for actually opening my eyes and to that see I am not the only person going through this physical heaviness but also mental and emotional heaviness which is really changing my life in a negative way. The fact that i can see there is hope for me to get better makes me to go back and be positive again. I was wondering why I am so tired all the time and I wanted to sleep or why I even go to bed so early and I sleep so deep that no one can wake me up? Well reading through all the strategies that Angela suggested really makes me think again. I will make many changes in my life starting to night. And one thing that I am keep doing it without even knowing why is crying and being emotionally down. This really drains all my energy. I can not handle to be like this. I need to be active and do my work as I always have done. What this article is saying is really resonates with me and my body and actually many of my friends were talking about the same thing to me the other day. At least now thanks to Angela I have the answer and I can do something about my wellbeing but also to share this with my friends so they can see there is always hope for everything that we go through in life .
    I want to Thank Angela for being so wise and always one Step ahead of everything. She is amazing I have to make an appointment with her so she can help me to move even faster and healthier in my life. I am looking forward to my next appointment with Angela. Keep up the great job. I love this tribe.
    Thank you again🙏🙏🙏🙏Samira


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