Progress via Process

Periods of change involve taking stock of life - reviewing where we are at, considering where we want to be, what we are feeling.  Sure, emotions can get in the way at such times, thwarting perceived progress, but it would also be fair to say that most of us have a very natural way of sifting and shifting that we hope brings us to a place of clarity.

Gathering new data, arranging it in such a way that it makes sense as a possible direction, presenting the newly-arrived at solution for review, then refining the model into a series of choices and/or decisions seems to be the way to go.  But doesn't all of this sound a bit dry?

By the time we've become an adult, we assume that we've learned enough about ourselves to be able to navigate our chosen path.  Whilst the 20's - 30's are all about trial and error, we have already accumulated the beliefs that form the way we make decisions about life; the problem is that those skills are via the perceptions of a much younger mind and may have no bearing upon the life we are needing to make decisions about now.

At no point in our lives are we actually taught to follow the feelings we have.  Isn't it safer to have a strategy to follow - whether our own or borrowed from someone else - because it soothes the doubts and fears of the mind? 

Is it necessary to have a process if you have developed the trust in yourself that can help you make choices that are right for you?  Surely those who have a high degree of trust in themselves are less likely to be duped by advertisements, marketing programs and dogma.

If all was narrowed down to knowing your decision-making strategy and authority, would life be easier I wonder?   If you were shown that your strategy was to either inform, invite or wait, would you trust enough in that process to know you would then be able to respond in the way that is correct for you?  That takes trust.  Are you up for an experiment I wonder?

You can discover your strategy and authority along with key information about your life path here.

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