Quiet Change

This week, Mars is resident in the Gate of Change/Progress (in Human Design/I-Ching terms).  Mars is the archetype of the youngest son, energetically immature and free of responsibility; he has the capacity to build momentum but without care this can result in mindless outbursts.  However, when Mars' energy is reigned in, it can settle into a powerful mature wisdom that can deliver a stream of energy.

Why do I write this?  Well, I've observed a great deal of bluster and noise around change-making over the years, and one of the saddest things to come out of that is the wasted energy.  

Change comes to us all, whether it's thrust upon us from unexpected events or in response to developing dissatisfaction with our circumstances.  How we respond is key to whether we actually get to move through to more favourable circumstances or get stuck where we are.

The notion of change is the first step - acknowledging what we want to change.  When we get excited about how that change might look, by the idea of it, the first thought is often to tell someone or plaster it across social media, but that gives away the very energy you are going to need to make the change.  You see, change requires a build-up of energy to push it through, a build-up that's derived from focussed intent and a paring-away of all unnecessary energy usage.  Plus, of course, sustained effort - not giving up before results are attained.

Many marketing people look out for behavioural trends among their target audience which they then transform into guilt-buttons to convince us their message is worth following.  Their ammunition is scattered widely in the knowledge that many people believe what the world says about them - whether that's the world in their head or the actual world.  The collective social media output clamours to grab your attention and maintain it, all stepping up off each other ... and all sapping your hard-won energy.

It's not easy to shut out the excessive noise of the digital world and think only of what is absolutely necessary, productive or contributes towards a balance of life - it takes discipline and quiet determination - yet that's exactly what must be done to make changes that matter. 

That draws me to the need to know yourself, your needs and your direction, for if you don't, you'll be nought but a leaf on the wind.  If you have the map of your Soul trajectory spread out before you, along with a clear description of how your vehicle (body) performs and interacts on that road, you'll find it much easier to navigate the journey.  The Spiritual Coaching I offer does just that, making it much more likely you'll encounter your potential.  Go here to find out more and book.  

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