Running out of esteem

For quite some time now I've been pondering how to voice my frustrations around social media and how I see it affecting the people who use it religiously.  I just came along this dialogue from Deepak Chopra which describes the root of what I feel, so I'm sharing it with you now.  

"Self-esteem is a term with a positive connotation suggesting pride through achievement, but true self-esteem has nothing to do with having a good self-image or feeling proud of your accomplishments.  Rather it means that instead of having a self-image that you must live up to, and which others can damage by words and actions, you can simply REST within yourself. This resting is enough.

 By bringing you closer to your true self, you acquire the true self’s stability, security and total self worth.  The difference lies in whether your self-esteem is stemming from the everyday ego-self or the true self.

 On the ego side, self-image is everything, and it is critical to how you value yourself. The ego takes its cues from the outer world.  Psychologists say people typically identify with the roles they perform, and with how they feel about the relationships they’re in.  In all cases, this identification undermines our wellbeing, when our roles and relationships change.

 When some people lose their jobs they become depressed.  They might feel useless and directionless; others, whose emotional and social life is afflicted by anxiety and fear, are bereft in a different way but feel the same loss of self-image.  For the ego, self-esteem is an endless exhausting task of trying to preserve a positive self-image in a constantly changing world.

 However, you are not an image – you are the pure awareness that lies at the heart of all existence.  That is your true wealth.  Images are mental constructs that we create over the years.  No one was born with a self image; we think we need one because society judges us by images of wealth, success, possessions and status, yet genuine self esteem is built on the direct perception and recognition of your true self – your unlimited awareness.

When the true self realises itself, it knows its infinite worth, it knows it’s essential nature as unbounded joy, love and peace.  True self esteem is not an arduous mental task of positive thinking, it’s simply resting in existence, radiating your true essence."

I think this explains a weakness in todays' society, it's addiction to social media, and perhaps why so many feel insecure and directionless.  What do you think?


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