Shouldering burdens

Shoulder problems have been presenting for some weeks now as people have been feeling the weight of present times, yet feel they lack the ability to deal with them.
This complex joint illustrates much that is challenging in the physical, yet if we stay with the feelings we have and be guided by them, it is possible to dig deep and release old patterns that have kept us stuck in the past, by looking for a new perspective.
Left shoulder issues often signify what is held in the subconscious and reflect how we try to 'armour' ourselves from what 'might be' coming our way. Right side issues reveal how we are looking to be on the defensive/attack, just in case someone powerful tries to get the upper hand. Both of these originate from deep patterns of conditioning that require intention to release, but be assured, that time is being supported energetically right now. And of course, shoulders being hunched over indicate the unbearable weight of responsibility a person feels they carry. Look in the mirror - what do you see?
Developing all-round strength and balance, resisting the urge to push away and learning to 'allow all' supports the management of our own energy being.
In a practical way, pilates and yoga (especially head-stands when done properly) will help balance and strengthen the shoulder girdle, helping you stand tall and strong.
Check where you are right now and see if that place serves you. Never stop re-assessing your values and adjusting your perspective until you 'feel' just right (as Goldilocks once said). Feeling is both revealing and healing.  If you're stuck and need help, do get in touch - I can probably help you.


  • Great post, pilates and yoga is really working for me. As I spend a lot of time at my laptop it really helps me to release any pain or tension.

  • Hi Angela, an interesting article. I often look at the metaphors within the language and obviously we refer to shouldering responsibility. I recently had a revelation that we also have the conditional tense should – things we should’ve, could’ve would’ve done differently and my daughter says no good going into ‘shoulder, woulder, coulder’ mode ie regretting our decisions. And there’s that word again shoulder (albeit with phonetic/stand spelling) …

    Joanna Bristow-Watkins
  • It’s amazing how the body is affected by our thoughts, beliefs and emotions!

    Linda Lang

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