Sifting and Sorting

 As you and I both know, nothing stays the same; life appears to be one long continuum in the journey of the human race, even though it could actually be a spiral and some things do in fact get repeated.  But perhaps its time to alter our perception of Change - instead of it being something that we think is going to happen in the future, we could accept that it's actually happening most of the time ... as in Now!

 We may think we are in unprecedented times, so are familiar with undercurrent of anxiety weaving its way through the weeks.  You only have to scan the news headlines to know that globally, there's much afoot that could at first glance seem quite alarming.  But in reality, times like these may well have occurred eons ago - it's just new to the current population.  So, individually, we continue to put one foot in front of the other as we glance sideways at what is reported around us. 

  A time of sifting and sorting has begun for some as their true sense of where they’re at changes; flexibility and non-judgement is the key. We learn and we choose; we learn some more and choose again; but subtle motion is always at play so we learn to dance on to the rhythm of Time. 

 What we should remember is that change doesn't have to be reactive or responsive - it can be intentional.  We can build a strong intention and apply this clarity and focus to something that's way more positive than we previously experienced - WHEN we allow our imagination to do the work.  So, time to get creative with that thinking and put together something wholly amazing!  

 If we want to build on certain associations, we work at it; if we want to experience different associations we step into a different groove and continue that way. But all the time, we learn. Now, it’s up to the Way-Showers to refine their groove and make space for the ones who choose to join them, for it is only by choice that a continuum can evolve and produce a new way that is manageable and nurturing.

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