Soul definition

The Soul is a fractal of the Source (of all that is). 

The purpose of Soul is having many experiences and feeding them back to Source before returning to Source.  

Soul gathers these many experiences through the human body.  So how does that work?    

The body acts like a lens or filter that Soul plays out through, but the body (and it's mind) is given free will as to how that happens.  

So the Soul incarnates with it's chosen overcoat (body) and it's agreed set of lessons.  Those lessons commence on day one.  Over time, that body/mind accumulates experiences and beliefs that effectively shape the being that develops - be they physical events or mental constructs.  These form the structure/filter that the Soul has to live through.

When the constructs and life choices take that being through situations/conditions that restrict its ability to gather experiences or to learn its chosen lessons, the Soul is compelled to nudge or influence the body/mind, that it may be encouraged to change direction or move through the perceived blockage.  Those restrictions are all rooted in the core issues of power, trust and love and the belief systems held in/around them.  So how might an example of this look as it plays out in someone's life?

Let's say our subject chooses a life with the challenge of working through issues of being very ungrounded, a resistance to 'being here', stuck in her head, over-analytical, preoccupied with the past, etc.  Because of these challenges, she makes choices that limit the range of her life experiences, primarily due to fear (a nervous disposition).

She may be prone to many ups and downs of mood and therefore opts for the safety of a relationship that by it's nature further binds her.  So even though this person has an in-built desire to explore, learn and serve humanity, that ability and her other attributes are severely restricted in their expression because of her beliefs - i.e. boxed-in for protection but limited in growth. 

Eventually the soul gives up nudging against the closed door of beliefs and allows the essence of this body/mind to dwindle and make it's escape.

By choosing to look at the map your Soul has chosen for this lifetime, you become aware of the options that are available to you - both the challenges and the gifts you have - and what you can achieve if you so desire.  The awareness you gain from understanding your Soul Contract gives you the power to choose wisely and decide for yourself what you want to experience in this life, rather than waiting to see what will happen to you.  Is this a concept that interests you?


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