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Consider carefully the control you exert upon your life and it’s meanderings; ultimately, your journey will be governed by the wishes of your soul.

From the earliest conceptions of the mind, we begin to construct stories based upon our experiences and what our conditioning would have us believe.  All the while, the soul waits patiently for the right time to course-correct and gently (or sometimes abruptly) steer us back towards the intended path.

The deal is that we ‘sign up’ to learn certain key lessons in this life, or perhaps continue what we began in a previous life.  Whatever the case, the intention of the soul is to grow in experience, to expand to the point where it can return to source and compliment the whole (of creation).

A correction of something done/begun in a previous life is what we often refer to as karma. Karma is not such a mysterious phenomenon, it is simply the force of the soul exerting a course-correction upon the being it is living/expressing through; the more the nudges of the soul have been ignored, the more severe the correction.

If someone had spent a lifetime mis-using their power against others, that would be countered by a period/life of having their power taken from them and learning a) how to get it back and b) how to use it with integrity. 

So, for instance, someone may have had a life-long pattern of being a bully to others.  One day an ‘accident’ occurs and they find themselves in a wheelchair, completely at the mercy of those around them, perhaps even unable to communicate.  The tables are turned and they become the victim (if others step into that role) instead of the bully.  Or it may be that they are humbled by the loving attention bestowed by others who do not waste time in judgement.

The above type of scenario can play out similarly with the lessons of truth or love at their core.  Ultimately, the lessons are there to be understood and overcome in all their guises.  When we distil the lessons of life, they all come back to three core issues - power, trust and love - therefore the answers you seek are never far away. 

But remember, any pattern of extremes can be altered at any time by changing the intention and actions of one’s life and choosing to be of service to others. 


  • Well thought out Angela with a very clear message – trust your journey embrace change and look within

  • Dear Angela i have read your article couple of times. It is very insightful. You have explained the Karma in a very simple but yet very deep which makes you really think k about it in order to fully understand it. The examples that you have is great and makes you think.
    I have to say overall I love the way you present your soul ventures 1 beautifully. Thank you very much for such a nice job.💕💕💕


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