Stop / Simplify / Surf

We might be quick to link our growing anxiety to what is happening externally as we hear of increasing disruption in the world around us.  Yet I'd wager that the feeling is emanating from the uncertainty within, the feeling of not being in control of ones own future.

We've just slid into autumn - a time when the weather is unpredictable, and it's not letting us down in that respect.  Yet we have protective clothing, vehicles and public transport so why make such a big deal of the rain?  The moaning goes on, but probably because people need to release the sound of unease that has been building without ascribing it to a seemingly random feeling that they can't explain.  

We've entered a time where there's no other option but to tow the line of what we and previous generations have created on the back of a consumerist culture rooted in profit, gain and ease.  So what are the obvious options as we stop now and take stock?

    • Simplify your own life - cut out anything that has little or no value.
    • Consolidate what you know about yourself; draw together the strings of understanding and draw upon your own innate wisdom.
    • Review your health and wellbeing platform - do you need to put new practices in place? - and then as the world around you changes, you'll have more resilience to adapt to what you're facing.

Should we only choose to see it, this is actually quite a positive time, because it's a good time to release what no longer serves us.  That may be people, things, situations - whatever, it's a cathartic process.  And as the sifting and shifting occurs, new ways of living will emerge. 

Things don't have to be drastic and scary, but when there's so much change happening all at once, that's the go-to feeling that underpins the current wave of anxiety.  How many people are used to relying upon their own instinct or innate wisdom for guidance when we've built up a society that is so fond of telling us how to be/what to do?

It's now time to become role models; take responsibility for what we have and where we're heading; consider what we're creating for the children of tomorrow.  And a time to get back to utilising that long-forgotten action 'common sense' that endowed the users with a natural ability to lead by example.

If you wish to re-establish your bedrock, we at My InFormed Being are experienced in mapping out your health and direction, providing practical information for day to day use.

Are you ready?



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