Tackling a virus

Its widely known that we all harbour viruses within the body that wait patiently for our immune system to be suboptimal so the virus can seize its opportunity to burst into life.  Or maybe its a particularly virulent strain that's doing the rounds and we just happen to be caught out at a vulnerable time.  Whatever the case, noticing that moment when a virus is just beginning is key to nipping it in the bud, or at the very least reducing its overall effect.

As I've recently had such an experience, I used a protocol I've experimented with previously and found to be effective.  

  • Raw garlic in breakfast smoothie or in water with breakfast - a natural antibiotic that remains active for up to 60 hrs
  • 3 hrs later, half a 300 mg aspirin
  • 4-5 hrs later, the 2nd half of aspirin
  • Apply diluted 4-thieves essential oil blend down spine/around neck to contain virus proliferation and reduce aching (recipe can be found online or in my book - A Novel Approach to Healing)

I've found this particular combination quite effective in nipping the virus proliferation in the bud and minimising the generalised effect of a virus, but it has to be repeated daily until I start to feel my body is back in charge. 

If the above protocol is combined with the elimination of all sugars and limiting of grain starches, the body's workload is further reduced so that more of the body's resources are able to combat the attack.  I would not be tempted to reach for the 'medicinal' alcohol during this time as that will likely undo the benefits already gained.  

When the annoying cough began, I mixed up some Niaouli oil (particularly good as an expectorant) with clear honey and took a quarter of a teaspoon and held it in the back of my throat, enabling the application of a more direct treatment upon the throat inflammation.  This worked well to break the cycle of incessant coughing and sooth the throat enough for healing to begin and sleep to occur. Initially, I took this mixture every 15 minutes in the 3 hours before bedtime.  The frequency of the dosages was key to breaking the cycle, plus taking such a small amount meant the body could ably cope with the effect of the oil and honey. 

Yes, I'm an independent thinker who likes to take responsibility for her own health, but if you also feel inspired to do the same, then trust the guidance of your own body - it won't let you down.  There is so much we can do for ourselves if we remain open to the ideas that come to us.

NB:  Aspirin should not be used on children as Reye's syndrome can be a risk.

Further notes: 1. Garlic works best alone.                                                          2. www.ncbi.nim.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5155651/ details more on the antiviral activity of aspirin     3. The use of essential oil in honey was taken from the writings of Maggie Tisserand in relation to her experience with her own children (wife of famous Aromatherapist Robert Tisserand). I used a similar mixture on my children to combat various sore throats and viruses as they were growing up, to great effect. 

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