My Informed Being

Progress via Process

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At no point in our lives are we actually taught to follow the feelings we have at the time.  It's much safer to have a strategy to follow - whether our own or borrowed from someone else - because it soothes the doubts and fears of the mind.

Moving from perception towards action

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Continuing on from the last blog about perception, let's look at the transition that's possible once your telescope is the right way around. When w...

Sifting and Sorting

Sifting and Sorting
 As you and I both know, nothing stays the same; life appears to be one long continuum in the journey of the human race, even though it could actually be a spiral and some things do in fact get repeated.  But perhaps its time to alter our perception of Change - instead of it being something that we think is going to happen in the future, we could accept that it's actually happening most of the time ... as in Now!