The interplay of body and emotions

Have you ever noticed how your stomach is easily affected by worry, so that your digestion seems to stop working and your food won't go down?  Or perhaps you keep getting throat problems when you are suppressing what you really want to say?  This is a common phenomena that we all recognise so let's take a look at how the 12 major meridians are associated with the major emotions.

The meridians are a network of energy channels that run throughout the body; in order for us to be in good health the energy needs to flow freely throughout them.  When a blockage occurs, there is a decrease in energy to the organ/body parts on that meridian; if left unattended over time, a subtle disruption occurs and problems start to develop in the body. 

But along with the problems of disturbed energy, there will be an accompanying shift in the dominant emotions encountered in the individual, and they may exhibit emotions that are out of character to them (which those who know them well may recognise).  Of course, these changes will begin in a small way, but as with any lack of energetic nourishment, they build up over time and have the potential to develop into symptoms which professionals then give labels to.   

But as with the chicken and egg conundrum, which comes first - the emotion or the ailment?  Well that depends on you.  If you push yourself way beyond what your body tells you is ok (and that can even mean doing a job day after day that you hate), you will create an imbalance that will manifest physically and emotionally.  Similarly, if you allow an emotion to build to such a extent that you feel taken over by it (i.e. worry or drama), there will be a real physical shift - as mentioned earlier re the stomach. 

Whichever way you look at it, there is a real need to be conscious, on a day to day basis, of how much we influence our own physical and emotional balance by what we do and how we perceive the world.  Perhaps this could be a focus for increased mindfulness.

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