Understanding meditation

When we begin our earliest path of discovery as a small child, we consume each new tiny experience with wonder.  We digest all of those tiny experiences and build upon them to form, through the filter of our own perception, the way we do things, how we deal with oncoming life.  

As we grow into our adult selves, we have a continual stream of experiences which we use to help us navigate our way through the world as we know it.  So imagine, if you will, that each experience has a vibrational impact upon our being that needs to be processed before we decide if it's useful information, good or bad, and if we want to use that information to make choices in our life.  It's not much different from having an inbox full of emails that are all demanding a response from you; you feel an onus to respond to the questions which have landed in your personal Inbox.  

But if your life is so full of incoming data and distractions (as can happen all too easily these days), there doesn't seem to be any time to go through our personal Inbox and filter out the good from the bad, the useful from the useless, and instead we are left with a growing feeling of unease or agitation.  In this state, sleep is not necessarily restful and certainly doesn't last for as long as we would wish as the mind cannot let go of the feeling that there is more to do.

So, bring in the idea of meditation ~ in any of it's forms.  It can be a walking meditation, listening to a meditation App, or one of the more traditional forms where you take to your own private uninterrupted space.  Whichever you choose, the exercise of meditation is primarily about one thing; allowing you to finish processing incoming data and recognise how you feel about it, subconsciously.  This enables you to make heart-felt choices that are aligned to what you instinctively know are correct for you.  This brings you an inner peace that you'd forgotten existed so of course, your life can relax and you naturally feel happier.

If meditation is done regularly, we can accumulate more space within and it takes on a creative angle that naturally draws to us what we desire, so people do notice improvements in their life because of this simple dynamic.  Meditation can then take the form of an inner playground for the imagination so becomes something that is desired more and more.

Perhaps because meditation is intangible, perhaps because it is free, there will always be people who dismiss it's usefulness and power.  Yet it has been proven many times over to have great value, so I encourage you to give it a go.  Spend time with yourself and value those times ~ you will doubtless be quietly impressed by the results you achieve for yourself.

To sum up ~ meditation is not a chore, it is a necessity in this modern world if you want to stay sane and deal with the chaos and change that prevail.

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