Why we need Iodine

"Medical text books contain several vital pieces of misinformation about the essential element Iodine which may have caused more human misery and death than both world wars combined" ~ Dr Guy Abraham.

"Every 17 minutes, every drop of blood in our body flushes through our thyroid,  and if our thyroid has an adequate supply of iodine, blood-borne bacteria and viruses are killed off as the blood passes through this gland" ~ Walter Last.

When I read something like the above two comments, I immediately want to know more.  I suspect many people rarely think of using iodine for health, except for wound cleaning or water purification, so let's look at a few of the benefits and function of iodine.

The benefits of iodine in the body are significant, yet it is the least understood of all the essential trace elements.  Having sufficient iodine in the body means you can:

  • maintain a good energy level all day
  • maintain normal weight
  • live without aches and pains
  • Maintain a positive and uplifted attitude
  • have a clear memory
  • are able to tolerate cold
  • have normal bowel movements
  • have restful sleep
  • have normal skin, hair and nails.

Iodine is not only needed for a healthy thyroid but also by the breasts, ovaries and prostate gland.  Women who are deficient in iodine are more prone to breast and thyroid cancer, but iodine also has a key role in protecting the body from such poisons as fluoride and bromide.  Iodine aids elimination of metals like lead and mercury from the body, and has a supportive effect on antioxidant and immune activity.

Iodine is deadly for single cell micro-organisms, killing them with a simple chemical reaction, and is a potent germicide with low toxicity to tissues; so it could be said that it is more valuable than antibiotics.

http://www.iodine-resource.com is a very helpful site about all things iodine by Jill Van Eps of Florida, following her own journey through iodine deficiency, and is certainly worth a read.

My own use of Lugol's Iodine has been to take 2-3 drops in water in the morning.  I initially noticed that the more deficient I was, the more pronounced the effect, and especially how uplifting it was to my mood.  Lugol's Iodine is a permanent resident of my supplement cupboard, and I use i a few times per week to top up.

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