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Foundational Coaching

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"I'm stubborn and I'm ok with it!"

I grew up being petrified much of the time, not daring to make a sound, not knowing when the next blow would come.  I never even made a sound when giving birth decades later; that's how far-reaching the effect was. 

I was wary of every step I took; it seemed I couldn't do anything right, uncertainty and anxiety ruled.  My world was slow to expand - hesitating before each new experience, scared until I'd done it and knew what to expect.  I would be wary, proceed slowly, check every option, because I just didn't know what was waiting to ambush me around the next corner.   

I was not endowed with the boundless energy of other youngsters; most of my energy was used on energetically defending myself.  There didn't appear to be anyone looking out for me and I lacked resilience, so became a loner.

I've had many people call be stubborn, and it's taken me years to accept myself, to uncover and face the origins of my behaviour.  I now know that this stubborn-ness, or caution as I would prefer to call it, was an over-stimulated reaction, but nevertheless had a valued purpose. 

My cautionary mechanism is now balanced and I listen intently when it signals a warning, for my internal barometer is finely attuned to my current self worth and needs.  

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This is but one example.  Behind every behaviour lies a reason that only you know, but standing beside it there is a solution.  I can help you find and install that solution to override the old program, freeing you from repeating patterns.

People are drawn to my work when they realise that just dealing with random aspects of their being does not produce long term results.  When they start to see the bigger picture, a rush of understanding, energy and enthusiasm ensue, with progress following soon after.  A good foundation is a stable platform for forward motion.

Sessions can be stand-alone or bundled and work really well following a Soul Mapping session, as you allow your unfolding process.  Take that step now

Fee is per 50 minutes.