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soul mapping, soul contract reading, human design, awareness, progress
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Soul Mapping

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What is Soul Mapping?

Soul Mapping is a process that lays out the trajectory of your lifetime and the basic principles of how your vehicle (body) functions as it travels that path.  When you begin to understand those key principles, you start to feel more connected as you know what you're aiming for, and that tends to make for a happier human. 

Your Soul Contract forms the integral part of the Soul Mapping process and rolls out the map of your lifetime.  Human Design is the other defining tool in this process and gives key insights into your (decision making) strategy and authority (where you make your decisions from).  Being introduced to these and other concepts helps you better understand how to navigate your life. 

  • Your Soul Contract illustrates your life path; Human Design gives the blueprint of YOU and how you traverse that path ~ so they fit together perfectly.

Soul Contract reading is rooted in the sounds of Ancient Hebrew and contains elements of the Kabalah, Tarot and Astrology.  Human Design has its roots in the Kabalah, the I-Ching and Astrology 

**Drawing from both illuminates your road ahead and the vehicle of your Soul **

How can Soul Mapping help me? 

  • Discover simple solutions to overcome your greatest challenges in life
  • Begin to express your natural talents
  • Learn how to create better relationships

Your Soul Contract reading is an accurate in-depth channelling and spiritual interpretation that will empower you to live your truth by decoding the secrets that are hidden within your birth name.    

  • A chart is drawn up from your original birth name which is transposed into numeric values rooted in Ancient Hebrew.  It shows the energies your soul chose for this life that create your reality in each moment.  This work is based upon the Kaballah and is also known as the Spiritual Numerology of Moses.  It describes your:        
    • Karma / challenges
    • Talents
    • Goals / dreams
    • Soul Destiny / Life purpose

The chart is interpreted to place your life experiences into perspective and to show what your soul is aiming for - it's theme.   We then use Human Design to look at the blue print of how you function upon your chosen path and how you interact with others.  Learning some simple key elements can bring much needed clarity; this is especially so for younger people.

In practical terms,  your Soul Contract reveals the truth of why you are here on Earth.  Seeing your potential mapped out for this lifetime can be tremendously exciting and reignites your desire to start moving forward. 

You may require healing of key issues to move you through blockages so you can make progress towards your potential.  Any work we do together is not to create dependency - it's for you to gain understanding about your purpose and journey so you have the ability to chart your own course.

Names and their effect

Adopted children receive a new name when they go to new parents within their first year of life; many people have middle names that are not commonly used; people change their names in marriage; some go by nick names or abbreviations; there are a multitude of reasons for name changes, but changing even one letter of your name affects what you attract into your life.

Here's a link to a 20-minute video where I discuss Soul Contracts with Linda Lang on her YouTube podcast, Exploring the Mystical Side of Life.


Some benefits clients have achieved

"I just wanted to let you know how much your reading has affected me.  I have been looking outside myself for who I am for my whole life. Now I see through these charts that I don't need to do that anymore. I 'knew' it before but I didn't 'feel' it.

This has given me more acceptance and confidence in myself to just be ok. You looked me in the eye and said 'you know yourself'. I think that did more for me than years of therapy, Lol.  So thank you times a million." AC, Ontario


"My soul mapping reading triggered my awareness to the importance of numbers and how information is encoded in them.  Life is not random but follows an organized structure.  It is important for us to know what our own soul contract is in order to fulfil our destiny.  It is a valuable tool that can initiate one into the desire for learning more about our role in the Universe."  CV, Ontario


"I am feeling more relaxed in my body and soul since the reading I recently had with you.  I seem to have a much better understanding of how I got to be where I am now.  Being more relaxed, I have had glimpses of my next step and an awareness that things are about to change very soon.


This all comes after a few years of struggling to figure out 'what next', after being forced to retire due to an injury.  I am now in a place where I can breathe again ...

THANK YOU so much for your expertise and no-nonsense, extremely accurate delivery of your craft.  I would highly recommend this process you offer to anyone who has ever questioned themselves about any 'thing'.  With gratitude"   Dana, Ontario


My own Soul Mapping journey

I was introduced to Human Design 10 years ago by a good friend who knew I was always asking 'Why?'.  I have enjoyed experimenting and delving deeper into it ever since. 

One morning in 2015, I awoke with the term 'Soul Plan' clearly implanted in my thoughts; I'd never heard of it before so asked around, had a reading in this modality, and did the training that same year.  However, I wasn't entirely satisfied - I didn't feel Soul Plan reading adequately answered the questions I still had so I set it aside. 

A little while later, I found the book 'Your Soul Contract Decoded' by Nicolas David Ngan; many of the answers I sought were in that book so I contacted the author.  It wasn't long before I trained with him; it turned out that the originator of the Soul Plan system was his student, but more importantly, that Nicolas had worked in collaboration with Frank Alper of the Arizona Metaphysical Society, who channelled the original material 40 years ago. 

The energy of names makes has always made sense to me; for a long time I felt that my own name wasn't right and I'd come across others who felt the same. Changing my name made quite a difference to my own healing journey and helped me make good progress.

Relationships readings (known as Overlays) explore your birth name and subsequent name variations, or between you and significant others in your life.  This requires a different method of interpretation so is done as a separate reading where we can look at 10-12 name variations at once.  For instance, by mapping out the names of various partners you've had, we can see why your Soul directed you that way and what it was aiming to achieve.  

Business names also have a place within this system.  It can be of great help for new businesses to ensure that the business name is aligned with the energy of the owner and gives a much greater chance of success.  For businesses that are not doing so well, this option is a valuable way to review and optimise the trading name.  Please contact me to discuss if you are interested as I am currently looking for case studies in this cutting edge modality.


Sessions are held via Zoom, are recorded and the link emailed to you afterwards.  In person sessions can also be arranged.  See duration and price ranges below.

When you place an order, upon receiving your payment, a form will be emailed to you (or posted if you prefer) requesting the information required to compile and present an accurate reading.  In some cases this may entail providing a recording of the way the birth name would have been spoken by your parents at the time of your birth, so having access to a computer or phone would be advantageous.  Take this step now

Duration & Fees:  

50 minutes         -    £95

Soul Contract & Overlay (2 seperate sessions)   -   £140

Guidance: Sessions done via Zoom are recorded and an MP3 sent to you afterwards.  These readings contain a lot of information, so choose the length of your reading depending upon how well you absorb new information.  You can do another session anytime you feel ready to build on what you have and investigate further.

Group sessions for ongoing learning / integration are being formulated so sign up for the newsletter to stay informed.