Hi - I'm Angela Jayne Delglyn

From early in life, I developed a healthy fascination for the mechanics of the human body and what makes us all so unique. 

In my teens, I began investigating acid/alkali balance, yoga and, inadvertently, the lymphatic system.

At 30, after breaking out of the corporate world, I trained in the serious art of Swedish Massage to investigate how the body responds to touch. 

In my first year of practice, I experienced the pain of each client 3 days before their visit so I 'just knew' where to treat; it became apparent that my body is a barometer and receives messages from those who seek my help, even before they arrive!

My experiences of working with the physical showed me how we store tension and repressed emotions in the body, how energy gets stuck and causes pain or simply stops flowing. So I went on to study Deep Lymphatic Therapy under the late Grace Halliday and a couple of other body modalities that help to get things moving again and clear 'mysterious' problems.  

After struggling for many years with a nutritional issue that I could find no help with, I went on to explore the biochemistry, seeking answers for myself.  I came to understand more about creating nutritional and energetic balance, by studying and experimenting with Metabolic Typing, and later with energy.

I eventually found the answers that helped me maintain robust health but, more importantly, the journey itself taught me much about how to manage and influence energy in the longer term and how to take responsibility for one's own health on a day to day basis.

Having been a practitioner for 28 years now, I have come to understand that we have everything we need inside to be healthy, but sometimes we need help to get it in the right order, mentally and physically.  My purpose is to acquaint you with your map and personal truth so you can get on with living your potential.


On a seemingly random note, for at least two thirds of my life I felt my name was wrong, and I disliked it even more after I married.  The concept of intentionally changing my name was not known to me until many years later.

One morning in 2015, I awoke with the term 'Soul Plan' embedded in my mind.  I had never heard this term before so investigated ... had a reading with a practitioner, then did the training with her. 

More latterly, I trained with the original teacher of Soul Contract reading - Nicolas David Ngan - where I went much deeper into this body of work that revolves around the ethos that, as stated in the bible, sound is the basis for all creation. 

I now feel I've come full circle, and have come to know that I can help others make far-reaching changes in their lives that were perhaps once out of sight, by helping them to rebuild their health and wellbeing and form a strong foundation.

Apart from people, my other interests are partner dancing, writing, painting, photography and walking.

So do get in touch - I am looking forward to hearing from you  ~  Angela Jayne Delglyn

Dip, Remedial massage, Cert. Advanced Deep Lymphatic Therapy, Basic Manual Lymph drainage, Aromatherapy, Counselling, Reiki, Cert. Metabolic Typing Advisor 1&2, Certs in Advanced Soul Plan reading, Soul Contract Reading Levels 1, 2 and 3.