Welcome - I'm Angela Jayne Delglyn

I grew up steeped in fear, with no clear idea of who I was or what I wanted to do, feeling very much like a leaf on the wind.

  • There was very little joy in my life
  • My energy was frequently undermined
  • My health was a downward spiral
  • My life had no direction.

At 31 I was literally woken up by Spirit; they shouted my name and I would sit up in bed, startled, wondering who was calling me!  My awakening process then showed me the next step; I was to get divorced and strike out in a new direction, and thus my journey of healing began.

Within a very short time, I met the father of my two lovely boys.  We were together for 7 years before abuse caused a split and the boys and I had to move on, eventually relocating further south.

I quickly settled and set up my massage business.  There were challenges in those early times, dramas, ups and downs of fortune, but the directional clues kept on showing up and I kept on following the trail.  I continued to attend to my healing, but the best part was discovering partner dancing - that continues to bring me joy!

I had been building a relationship with my Spirit team, learning how to trust the guidance they gave, but still had a very long way to go in clearing all the fears and impediments to become energetically efficient; in fact another 30 years after being woken up.

As long as I kept learning and trusting, the right people or events would show up to create the necessary change and unfoldment in me - some more dramatic than others, but sometimes a sledgehammer is what's required.

One such dramatic relationship 'broke' the person I had become and necessitated a total rebuild from the ashes.  That rebuild lay waste to many false beliefs and fears and boosted me to a new energetic level.

Each time I circle the spiral of life my wisdom grows.  Now I find myself being confident in the role of seeing and hearing what others are going through and helping them find the clarity and resilience that they seek.

If you are reading these words now and resonate with their depth, you'll know it's no accident you are here.  This is a place where you can feel safe enough to open up the heart that's been closed, push away the armour, and begin your own process of being seen and heard in the world.  

  ~  Angela


Dip, Remedial massage, Cert. Advanced Deep Lymphatic Therapy, Basic Manual Lymph drainage, Aromatherapy, Counselling, Reiki, Cert. Metabolic Typing Advisor 1&2, Certs in Advanced Soul Plan reading, Soul Contract Reading Levels 1, 2 and 3.