Power and Proof

True power only comes when we are fully aligned on all levels of our being.  It takes time and effort but the rewards flood in when we know our deeper truth.  

In order to be aligned mentally, we need some parity with the physical, for instance, it's now widely recognised that certain brain chemicals are affected by what goes on in the gut.  And, in order to be physically aligned, we need a good work-life balance and to diligently take care of the body's needs - on a daily basis.  These processes need to become automatic and run simultaneously.  

One significant mechanism links our ability to be aligned; it is the ability to FEEL If we cannot feel, we cannot trust in ourselves; we become accustomed to requiring proof, which is why we're rather keen on seeking external answers to our questions, yet we fail to listen to our own internal guidance.  If we cannot feel, the choices we make on a day-to-day basis are not in alignment with our internal needs, so by our own actions we take ourselves out of balance.

Those who have been seeking to answer questions from their subconscious and have scratched the surface of alternative methods hear things like 'your chakras are out of balance' or something similar, without any suggestion as to how those imbalances occurred and what's to keep them from going out of balance again?   Some part of you feels the alternative route holds some resonance but it all seems a bit vague.  You still have a feeling of uncertainty about which route to take and why are there so many unanswered questions?

The thing is that you can only trust WHAT YOU CAN FEEL, and that alone, even if it's just a momentary fragment, will lead you to your deepest truth and the answers that exist within.  When you follow the trail of these momentary truths you will eventually find yourself firmly upon the path that leads you home to the source of who you are.  That path is paved with the trust and acceptance of yourself that will enable you to feel the kind of fulfilment you've previously only imagined - just by being your true self.  You see, the only destination you seek is right there inside you; it was never anywhere else.

Why the Law of Attraction doesn't work or only partially works

When you stand at a crossroads in your life, pondering your next direction, you decide to reach for an LoA tactic and, like the magician, conjure up some of those things you desire.  Ok, so what's wrong with that you may ask?  Well, you're reaching for ideas (for that's all they are) from the standpoint of dissatisfaction that you've found as you stand at the crossroads in the hope that it will enable you to reach a better horizon that as yet remains unseen.  But that is like the adage "if you do what you've always done, you get what you've always got".

Very few are able to convince themselves to buy into those desires enough to actually make them happen because they've not upgraded their own vibration and are still emanating the same cellular frequencies that attract what they no longer want.   In order to change your vibration and release what you don't want, you have to arrive at a place where you really want that change with every atom of your body and are willing to make deep personal changes along the way to achieve it; only then will you be ready to upgrade and receive your souls' plan.

Let's assume that life is a straight line.  The start of that journey you already know; the endpoint is out of sight; the bit between where you now stand and that illusory endpoint is something you only have hopes and dreams about.

If you are beginning to accept that your soul has something to do with what you're attracting into your life, it must therefore have something to do with how those things are going to play out.  So doesn't it follow that there must be some sort of plan that's waiting to be discovered?


After years of searching for answers 

- and linking many pieces together, we've brought together Soul Contract reading and Human Design because it makes complete sense to use them in tandem. 

The Soul Contract delivers accurate and in-depth channeled information that empowers you to live your truth by decoding your birth name.  Even when you don't understand much of what is said in that initial reading, there will be moments when those truths trigger a significant feeling within you, enough for you to sit up and take notice (we don't hear truths very often so when we do they stand out).

Basic Human Design principles help you to understand 'how' your being operates as you traverse that map of your life.  You may think you already know how you function, but if that were true, you'd be an adept at relationships, have little difficulty navigating your way and life would have been unfolding effortlessly.  Understanding something about your decision-making strategy and authority and how the centers of your body affect your energy and the energy of those you interact with can take much of the stress out of living because you can make better choices.

Sadly, hearing truths about our soul feels so removed from the reality that most of us know that it's easier to dismiss than to follow their trail.  But we would posit that if you know something of your soul's truth, you can use that as your distant focus, so at least you have a visible point upon the horizon and know what you are aiming for.  That makes much more sense than casting around to fulfil whimsical desires that do not necessarily relate to what we are here to achieve.

Our mission is to spread your map out before you and help you understand how to integrate that information into your life so you can make some real progress towards your potential.

There's one other thing we do, and that's to work with the physical body.  Whilst that began almost 3 decades ago within the craft of Remedial Massage, it's now evolved to an energy-based massage with the pure intention of enabling you to FEELobserve how your thinking has become manifest, and assist your body in correcting.  If you want a massage that reaches and speaks to your soul, leaving you with a deep sense of peace, this is the one for you.

Our work is aimed at helping you to FEEL AND UNDERSTAND YOURSELF BETTER, so you can find what it means to be aligned with your true self.  This piece-by-piece informing, healing, knowing and understanding will take you forward on your soul's trajectory.  We will also refer you to other trusted practitioners if necessary to complement your healing journey.

This process is flexible enough for you to work with and adapt for yourself as we piece together a more lucid foundation.  There are many pieces of information, rather like a puzzle, and we may lead you along curious paths, but ultimately they all come together.  When the pieces fit is when the magic begins; you realise you've become stronger, more independent and more resilient.  

While the breadth of our work falls under the headings of Precision Massage and Soul Mapping, there's so much more in their synergy.

People are drawn to our work when they realise that just treating symptoms or dealing with single aspects of their being does not produce long term results.

If you'd like to work with us, please get in touch to discuss your needs.  We are passionate about what we do and leave no stone unturned once you ask for help.