"I am feeling more relaxed in my body and soul since the reading I recently had with you.  I seem to have a much better understanding of how I got to be where I am now.  Being more relaxed, I have had glimpses of my next step and an awareness that things are about to change very soon.  

This all comes after a few years of struggling to figure out 'what next', after being forced to retire due to an injury.  I am now in a place where I can breathe again ...

THANK YOU so much for your expertise and no-nonsense, extremely accurate delivery of your craft.  I would highly recommend this process you offer to anyone who has ever questioned themselves about any 'thing'.  With gratitude" Dana, Ontario

"Angela opened my eyes to human design and shared some really insightful advice to help me grow, as a person and within my business.  Although our session was a few years ago now, her advice has stuck with me and helped me make better decisions.  I will be working with Angela again soon and highly recommend her if you feel stuck, out of alignment, or need help to get to get on the right path." Cassie Hicks, Herts

"Thank you so much for the amazing and enlightening session. Your level of knoweldge is incredible and so accurate.  I found your insights very valuable and revealing and gave me lots of food for thought.  So much makes sense now! Thank you once again" Denise, Herts.

"I went back to Angela this time as I knew the pain I was feeling was related to emotional energy that I’d been holding through a stressful event.  I had been ok releasing the emotion, but my body was struggling to keep up with the release.  Angela knew where to look to find the right points to work, enabling my body to let go of the pain.  I feel looser and pain free, making everything easier!  Thanks Angela.  If you’re looking for more than a back rub, with lasting effect, try Angela."  Sarah Houghton, London

"I have to say all the information in my Soul Contract reading is spot on, both my past and present; more so than any astrology, enneagram or numerology.  Human Design pulled out things I didn't know, but this - totally amazing!!"  Gitte, Italy

"Angela has the unique ability and skill to identify the source of your problem and help you resolve it, not just treat the manifestation.   I can’t praise her abilities highly enough and thoroughly recommend you to her."  DR, Glocs.

"I was recommended to Angela by a therapist who is excellent in his own right so thats saying something!
Her holistic approach just makes sense, most specialists seem to target the area where you are feeling pain which always seemed the right approach up to now, but the reality is that if the problem returns after a while then it must be something else. Sounds simple now but we all seem to keep seeing the same physio's.  Anyhow, guess what?  Angela found the source of the problem in no time and all is great!........At last a solution after 28 years of sore hips!! I'm back running and all is great.
I highly recommend you try Angela as I'm confident she'll find the solution to any problem." Paul Highfield, Herts.

"I found her overview/treatment of my problems to be really really spot on"  Trevor Holder

"Angela's deep massage works where standard massage won't.  She is brilliant at locating and relieving tension and trauma and she's generous with hints and tips to help ensure that injuries or strains don't recur."  Ben Verinder