What we do

**Your intersection of Change**

There is much written and SHOUTED about regarding what you should or shouldn't be doing in order to grow, move forward and change, but if your inner core is rooted in quiet and sensitivity, all that noise can be highly discouraging and only persuade you that maybe now is not the time to emerge.

I would encourage you to appreciate your quiet and sensitivity, look deeply and see its strength, see the not-so-obvious of what it has to offer and that its not necessary to come out all-guns-blazing in order to transform your base metal into gold.

If you seek the kind of help that does not need to light a bonfire under your being in order to have an impact; if you seek to engage with your heart whilst understanding the practical direction of your mind; if you seek to know and grow your roots within the framework of what your soul has chosen - then this is the place for you.


    Many times you'll have asked "Why" and looked around for answers, but nothing seemed to get close to your truth.  So we go back to your beginning and together find answers to your questions - all of them!

    We map out the lessons your soul has chosen to work with in this lifetime ~

      • so you can see what relationships are showing you
      • so you can see why certain scenarios keep repeating
      • which in turn reduces your stress, calms your emotional being
      • which shapes how you interact with the world around you
      • and improves your physical form.
      • We go full circle!


    If you can see the road ahead (purpose), understand the vehicle you're travelling in (body) and find the truth of who you are (interaction), it relieves many pressures of modern life.

    Soul Mapping draws up your Soul Contract and Human Design charts and helps you to start navigating your life with certainty instead of guess work. 

    These are real tools that can be revisited again and again, providing the structure that your subconscious knew you needed but you didn't know how to find. 

    This structure is built on your own truths so can be used as you progress and grow, and that's what's so comforting about this process - it's a voyage of your own (re)discovery; it's all about YOU!

    From knowledge and truth come understanding.  Let's work together to map out your truth so you can get on with living up to your potential.  

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