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  • Do you have random aches and pains that you've failed to find relief from? 
  • You've tried various treatments but the discomfort keeps returning?
  • You had an injury and have been told you'll never be free of the problem?
  • Physical issues are starting to mount up and you don't know what to do?

There are several factors that need to be addressed when treating chronic or acute conditions - 

  • the condition of relevant muscles
  • the muscle attachments to the bones
  • the state of the surrounding lymphatics
  • your current energetic state  

So as well as the necessary anatomical knowledge to deal with the above, there can be other factors, relating to what we can't see ... the energy of emotions.  As we move through life we experience various mental traumas that we are later triggered by.  Those triggers bring up emotions that can be overwhelming so we suppress and store the emotions in the body in order to avoid feeling them. 

The body is largely self-correcting, so it takes continuous tension to hold these emotions within the tissues. The longer this continues, the more congestion accrues, energy backs up and the body, being less able to self-correct, has less available energy.  

Such blocks inhibit the natural flow of energy through the meridians of the body causing an array of symptoms as diverse as hip or gall bladder pain, even arrhythmia; this scenario may last for years and solutions can be evasive.  When you open up to this work, we free up those blockages and get the energy moving again, relieving pressure and pain, increasing the range of movement.

My 28 years of experience as a bodyworker provide  

  • Structural & Deep Lymphatic massage
  • Energy - rebalancing and releasing old energy patterns
  • Healing - physical and spiritual 

This work is effective for treating various structural issues like frozen shoulder, back or hip pain, sciatica;  also lymphatic issues like lipoedema or the effects of cellulitis.  It is NOT the same as a generalised massage where the masseuse has little anatomical knowledge and is merely soothing the client for an hour.  These treatments have a lasting effect.

Energetically, my role as a conduit facilitates the release of tension and trauma from within your body, relieving pain (somatic release). These days, more people present with problems that are rooted in energetic blockages with complaints as diverse as painful sinuses or persistent sciatic pain - even hip pain - that manipulation has failed to alleviate. 

"I Searched high and low to find Angela.  Her sessions are truly tailored to your physical and emotional wellbeing.  Angela is a highly intuitive practitioner with extensive knowledge and expertise to get to the core of your imbalance.  Responsibility has to be taken for our own healing and when stuck Angela can steer you in the right  direction to achieve harmony for your own mind body and soul.  Angela you rock! JE, Knebworth

Each treatment is guided by the responses of your body on the day, so where there is resistance, we wait until you are ready to release whatever it is you’ve held onto.  Your body is never pushed beyond what it's ready to accommodate in order to respect your subconscious emotions. 

Your session will include an assessment of where you are at at that time, along with suggestions about things you can do for yourself to optimise the work done and facilitate your continued improvement. 

All new clients should allow at least 1.5 hours.  Take this step now

Effective from 1st April 2019: 1 hour - £68  90 mins £90   2 hrs £120  

New for 2019:  If you live a long way from me, I am willing to travel to you, IF you can get at least 2 other people to book a treatment on the same day.  Consideration must be given to suitable working space, such as warmth and privacy, for me to work effectively with each of you.  Please contact me to discuss if this is an option you'd like to consider.