A Soul Contract reading

A Soul Contract reading

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 A Soul Contract reading decodes the Spiritual Map of Your Life, enabling you to align with and manifest your soul purpose.

  • Do you feel there is something very important for you to do in this life?
  • Have you been seeking this thing but it continues to elude you?
  • Does it seem there is always one challenge after another blocking you from accessing it and making it a reality?

 A Soul Contract reading is a direct download from Source which reveals the absolute truth and deepest structure of how your life is really meant to work. 

  • It is based upon the sounds of Ancient Hebrew and ancient channelled wisdom.
  • It will empower you to uncover and manifest your hidden Soul Purpose so you can deliver your Gift of Service to the world.

 I invite you to journey deeper into the mystery of your life where you will:

  • Discover the precise strategy and solutions for overcoming your greatest challenges in life
  • Begin to express your natural talents
  • Start to manifest your heart felt dreams
  • Learn how to create better relationships

~ so you can start to enjoy the fulfilled life you have always dreamt of.

Here's a link to a 20-minute interview on the Soul Contracts

 Your Soul Contract reading is an accurate, in-depth, channelled system of spiritual interpretation that will empower you to live your truth by decoding the secrets of the blueprint of your life, hidden within your birth name.

  •  A chart is drawn up from your original birth name which is transposed into numeric values based upon Ancient Hebrew. It shows the energies your soul chose for this life that create your reality in each moment. This work is based upon the Kaballah and is also known as the Spiritual Numerology of Moses. It describes your:        
    • Karma / challenges
    • Talents
    • Goals / dreams
    • Soul Destiny / life purpose

     The chart is interpreted to place your life experiences into perspective and to show where you are going.  

     It could be said that having a Soul Contract reading is rather like looking at your original blueprint to see what the journey of your lifetime is actually about - its theme.  Its a foundational system that holds the potential for you to review the path to your future, make a few changes and correct your course.

    Sessions can be held in person or via Skype or Zoom, recorded and emailed to you afterwards.  The Soul Contract preparation and reading is normally £105. 

    Alternatively, contact me to try a 15 minute sample reading at £20; if you then wish to go for the full reading, £20 will be deducted from the full fee.

    When you order the Full Reading, upon receiving your payment, a form will be emailed to you (or posted if you prefer) requesting all relevant information required for me to compile and present the reading.