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spiritual coaching, human design, spiritual guide, awareness

Spiritual Coaching

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  • Do you feel stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed?
  • Do you even know what questions you need to ask yourself?
  • Do you need help to find the way forward?

    I am a Spiritual Mind and Body coach and I can help you to grow through your change.

    When I hear your story through your words, when I answer your inner request for help - magic happens. The cry for help that’s been transmitting, like a beacon, from within you has at last been heard and it's time to make something happen!

    Coaching doesn't have to be difficult.  Shining an objective light onto your situation and viewing it with a new pair of eyes is a good start, but first we need to see if you and I are a good fit and can work together, so you can contact me for a free 15 minute consultation.

    Once we establish the givens, we weed out what is causing the discord, what is redundant and check for what is lacking.  We then proceed to draw out solutions from what we have available in a safe space.  

    My work is suitable for many types of men and women, but mostly they tend to be independent people who already sense their own potential. 

    The people I work with may have been trying for a long time to reach their potential but find that something either holds them back or gets in the way. These are intelligent people, capable of much, and yet when it comes to finding their own potential, they falter. 

    The tools I use help to build a clear picture of you and highlight what needs to be done to release you from your past.  We tease out the subconscious resistance that keeps you at arms length from your inner truth.  Together, we draw out the questions you didn't know you had and work out ways you can recommence forward motion, leaving frustration behind.

    Learning about your trajectory and the truth of who you are helps you start connecting your various aspects together.  There is no real mystery to this process, only that you have a journey and a vehicle (body) to travel in.  My job is to draw out what your body and soul already know and are waiting to work with.

    People are drawn to my work when they realise that just dealing with random aspects of their being does not produce long term results.  When they start to see the bigger picture, a rush of understanding, energy and enthusiasm ensue, with progress following soon after.  A good foundation is a stable platform for forward motion.

    Fee is per 50 minutes. 

    "If everyone knew coaching is this easy, they'd all be trying it!